Augie’s War explores the healing power of family to recharge the human spirit when wartime experiences threaten to darken the very soul of the protagonist. In the story, Augie Cumpton leans on, and flashes back to, childhood memories of his large and boisterous Italian-American family, the bakery where he worked and the humorous, sometimes outrageous, but always memorable characters of his youth.

Like  “Tapper Two” – Frankie Secondo- a tap dancing teacher who would whistle between words and sentences all the while executing perfect pirouettes and splits when he came to the bakery each day to buy a loaf of bread. Or Johnny Trupo, a neighborhood kid who invented a weird game using the corpse of a flattened feline. These memories of home (and many more) provide Augie with a temporary respite from the awful realities of war -a war compounded by the incompetence and sometimes outlandish schemes devised by his superiors.

There are also a slew of offbeat fellow soldiers who share Augie’s Vietnam experiences. Tobias Chang (who refers to himself as CLTC or Chief Lackey Tobias Chang) is the self-deprecating voice of reason in the unit. “Rooster” Washington, an inner-city infantryman who has seen it all, shows Augie ways of surviving both the war and the ignorance of the military commanders. Rotor Charlie is a north Georgia helicopter pilot who swears he spotted a pink armored personnel carrier in the middle of a battlefield.

And then there is Staff Sergeant Roy Shaver who runs the off-duty NCO Club. Shaver would gladly kill any soldier who complained about the sergeant’s right to cheat him by short-pouring his drinks, rigging the slot machines and overcharging him for the skinny Vietnamese prostitutes he pimped.

As Augie’s Vietnam deployment draws to a close and enemy attacks are a daily occurrence, he must find a way to not only survive the war, but also make life and death decisions forced on him by a coterie of deranged and corrupt superiors. If he refuses to comply with their illegal demands, he may end up like another soldier in his unit who is murdered. 

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